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Who’s Your Daddy? Who’s Your Daddy?
Welcome to Trike Daddy Customs. Here’s merely a little info on TDC for you personally. I acquired into trikes just about the identical way as everyone does; YouTube or Facebook pictures with some insane bastards sliding down a hill at breakneck speeds. Correct away I became intrigued and needed to build a single. Only I was not genuinely a fan of how it was being completed with BMX frames and dolly wheels. I decided that I’m too old for being receiving harm so I custom created my first frame for my daughter to ride. She was hooked correct away too. I have been sliding ever given that.
Trike Daddy Customs was founded within the theory of top quality vs. quantity. Help it become correct the first time or don’t make them whatsoever. I still have confidence in this philosophy and each Drift Trike that ships from Trike Daddy Customs gets inspected by me for top quality manage. I began TDC with the hopes of obtaining geared up for retirement from Lively Obligation. Issues appeared to explode instead swiftly and found myself inundated with orders. As you can picture, using a full-time task, Married with two young children, and working a company is usually a little bit tense.
I have struggled for the previous pair a long time but finally produced a huge milestone and employed on two gentlemen that have confidence in what I’m carrying out. Joe and Rob are my correct hand men. They aren’t while in the trike planet to have wealthy, they truly adore trikes. So now using the extra helping fingers it freed me as much as invest time with my family.
Trike Daddy Customs, inside the very last yr has made substantial alterations like new frame types, driven trike line, new hires, generation amenities, and re-location. I’m searching ahead to new merchandise, R+D, particular assignments, and new personnel. Huge items in the works for Trike Daddy Customs. I hope to become in a position to keep on to assist the trike neighborhood increase and provide the most effective goods I`m able to for anyone that really want one thing special. Thanks for stopping in and reading a little about TDC, slide risk-free and have your slide correct! Who’s your Daddy…….
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