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10 Reasons To Not Play Internet Poker
1. Online Poker Sites Are Not Regulated or Licensed in america.
Without some form of oversight, poker players cannot be sure if the websites are cheating them. Some argue that it is not inside a poker site`s best interest to cheat, since so much money is arriving anyway. Unfortunately, greed can corrupt. And unregulated companies have proven time and time again, where there is a will (to dupe the people to make more money), there is a way.
2. The Online Poker Sites RNG (Random Number Generator) Ain`t So Random.
RNG`s are complex software. However, software could be altered to produce subtle changes that effect play and results. Exist more bad beats online? Are there more big hands, like quads and straight flushes that occur online? Will it seem there are too many heads-up situations where one premium hand loses to another premium hand to produce more excitement? Yes, yes you will find.
3. Online Poker Sites Support Their Integrity Claims by \"Independent\" Audits--Are They Unbiased?
The websites audits might be independent, but they need to be biased. Why? Nokia`s who audit a poker site get paid with that site. In recent history, a top ten accounting firm shut down to their \"independent\" audits. And major US corporations are also forced out of business because of fake accounting; e.g. Enron.
4. There has been Major Cheating Scandals Online That The Internet poker Sites Never Caught.
There has been a number of major, public cases where poker players have been cheated by outsiders. Did the internet main poker online uang asli site catch this cheating? No. The only real reason that these cases became public happens because other poker players did their very own analysis of the items had happened and reported it.
5. Other Cases of Cheating Are Happening Online, But No One Gets Caught.
There`s so much money being gambled every minute, it is too juicy for unscrupulous people to make the most of other players. For example, do you think collusion has ever occurred in an internet poker site? What about other kinds of cheating, like playing in the same event under different user names? Or, a high player who plays under a friend`s user name to help increase his bankroll? It takes place. It is almost always transparent.
6. How about The regularity of Stories Regarding Beginners Getting An Edge or perhaps a Player Losing After Withdrawing Money From the Site?
It would make business sense to help beginners come with an edge. If your new player wins, s/he is much more likely to keep playing--even if s/he loses everything a couple weeks later. There are also complaints about how a player who withdraws money after winning at a poker site, appears to forget how you can play and today loses.
7. The Sponsoring of Poker Players Leads to An Uneven Arena.
Do sponsored players risk their own money? Reports are that sponsored players get 100% rakeback and obtain paid hourly in an online poker site. Is it fair that you simply risk your personal money, while a sponsored player takes no risk?
8. When the New UIGEA Regulation Goes Into Effect, Will Your Bank Cash Your Poker Site`s Check?
Now you must to worry about what will happen should you choose win money at an online site. Assuming you play in a legitimate site and win, the site will pay you. It won`t be able to transfer money to your bank account. It`ll have to use another method, which is definitely going to be mailing a check. Will your bank cash that check if the new law adopts effect?
9. Are Online Poker Sites Causing A Brain Drain in Teens and College Students?
Joe Cada admitting to playing internet poker before he was 21 and even dropping out of school to experience poker. It helped Joe, what concerning the most of teens and college students who will not be winners at poker? The seduction of winning millions playing poker is powerful for everybody. It is no doubt strongest in teenagers and university students, because of the millions won in poker by 20-somethings. Internet poker sites should not allow underage players.
10. You Play Online Poker Naked And you`re Not A Beautiful Woman.
You know who you stop it! I realize this list will eliminate my chance of ever being sponsored by a web-based poker site. I realize that whenever I say anything negative about online poker, several readers write how I am an idiot or worse.
Whether you do or don`t play internet poker, there`s something I strongly believe. That is, that every adult in the US must have the liberty to experience internet poker and win or lose as much money as s/he wants. The politicians who strive to stop this freedom is going to be voted out of office, as numerous were within the last election.
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